Katalis EV.1000 X The Arsenale Special Edition

The motorcycle called Katalis EV.1000 X TheArsenale special edition is the newer edition of its predecessor, Katalis EV.500 which was released in April 2020.

product detail EV1000 2

They initially wanted to display the Katalis EV.500 the City
of Dreams, Macau. However, after some discussions, Katalyse and TheArsenale decided to
collaborate in creating a new design, the one and only of its kind
in the world.”

Katalis EV.1000 is a blueprint of a vehicle of the future. From the
visual and positioning of the product, they are trying to appeal to the
younger generation to start a new habit of using electric vehicles
which are more environmentally friendly.

The EV.1000 is characterized by its dominantly black matte color,
wrapped with an orange striped ornament. “The color is derived from
TheArsenale’s brand guidelines, which they hold as a reference in the
visual design of the Katalis EV.1000


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