Jochen Mass: Views Of The Past

The fact, that the older the photos the younger you look is somewhat disturbing, because it’s not so with the cars of our youth. They don’t change and more often they look younger now than at the time they had been build.

Jochen Mass: Views Of The past

It must be the eternal beauty in a good design and the aesthetics of it. Look at Sophia Loren, she epitomises all the qualities which we admired so much throughout our life , and she’s not the only one in our field of visionary beauty.
so what does it tell us, the cars of great designs are eternally precious and improve with age !

Jochen Mass: Views Of The past

I guess that explains the ever increasing values of the selected few . Just like the before mentioned precious Ladies. Yes I know I sound a bit sarcastic , but I’m not ! Its what we see in our inner eyes and there are some particular bright stars to gaze at.

Jochen Mass: My Favourite…!

Jochen MassThis was undoubtedly my favourite in the beginning of my racing years, beautiful design by Bertone, and it was a real racer the GTA Alfa 1600.

Well, this was different, I borrowed the Horse from two girls, they where inside the track during practise and when my car had stalled Near the end of the session and nobody came to pull the car back to the pits, I asked the two girls if I could have one of theirs. Sure , so I climbed over the fence and rode to the pits. Imagine that today. Even Bernie Ecclestone had to laugh. I think we had to give up a lot of spontaneous fun and things to remember in later years.

by Jochen Mass

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