All Electric Jeep® Avenger 1st Edition

Get ready for an all-electric adventure. The new Jeep® Avenger 1st EDITION combines signature Jeep® all-terrain capability with sleek urban style and electric power.

Exterior: The Look
Adventure is about pushing boundaries and exploring new worlds. The most compact Jeep® yet fuels your adventures with a distinctive, muscular silhouette, 18” alloy wheels and 360° body protection. The bold aesthetic is inspired by the iconic Jeep® look. The signature seven-slot grille, contrasting black roof and front and rear full-LED headlights make the Avenger unmistakeable on the roads.

Interior: The Feeling
The interior of the Jeep® Avenger is built on three principles: modernity, functionality, and comfort. Its smart storage solutions mean everything has a place, from your smartphone to your sunglasses. And the warm, cozy seats – rendered in classic grey and black – provide a sanctuary to return to after every adventure.

All-Electric Performance: The Experience
The first 100% electric Jeep® combines performance, and efficiency. The Avenger has a maximum range of up to 250 miles*, and just three minutes of fast charging can add an extra 18 miles. That’s the average driver’s daily range in less time than it takes to drink a coffee!

So, from your day-to-day urban travels to rural adventures, you can explore with zero emissions** in your new SUV.


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