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Italian Special At Gallery Aaldering

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Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Pescara  (1934)
Rare 2500 SS Mille Miglia 115 horsepower engine, Alfa Romeo certificate present

alfa romeo 6c 2300 pescara 1934

The 6C is an iconic milestone in Alfa Romeo‘s history. This example was delivered new in 1934 as a 6C Cabriolet and was fitted with an aluminium sports body at the beginning of the 1950s by the then Australian owner. At the same time, the car was equipped with a 2500SS Mille Miglia engine that produces 115 hp. The goal of the then owner was to build the ultimate Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Pescara and in our opinion, he could not have succeeded better. At first glance, the appearance seems to be the star of the show in this case while we can only say that he more than fully succeeded. The car was stripped of its convertible body and fitted with the beautiful aluminium open tourer body that it still wears today.

Price: 575.000,-

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Ferrari Dino 206 GT (1968)
Fully restored, matching number and colours

ferrari dino 206 gt 1968

How does one describe a Dino206 GT? Where does one start? Is it the car’s exclusivity? The fact that between 1967-1969 only 152 were built? The near perfect proportions? The aluminium bodywork? Or even the fantastic 65 degree V6 Ferrari engine? Let’s start at the beginning. Enzo Ferrari wanted to market a smaller, cheaper car to rival the Porsche 911. His son Alfredo, Dino for intimates, had recently died. Alfredo was a Ferrari engineer who mainly concentrated on developing smaller racing engines, like the F2 2.0 V6 engine. To commemorate his son and not to interfere with the V12 Ferrari’s, he decided to give the small car the Dino name.

Price: 699.500,-

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Ferrari 365 GT4/BB Berlinetta Boxer (1974)
Marcel Massini history report

ferrari 365 gt4 bb berlinetta boxer 1974

A wonderful Ferrari 365 GT4/BB aka the Berlinetta Boxer. This should not be confused with the later 512BB, which was modelled on the 365. The 365 BB was the first series produced Ferrari with a mid-engined 12 cylinder boxer engine. Over a three year course only 299 LHD Boxer Berlinetta Boxer’s left the factory, making this BB the rarest of them all. Many details differ from the later 512 BB, like the six exhaust pipes, the characteristic 365 six rear taillights amongst various other body measurements and details. Production of this particular example was completed on the 5th March 1974. On the 27th May 1974 the Ferrari was delivered to the Italian Ferrari dealer Motor S.p.A. in Bologna.

 Price: €379.500,-

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Lamborghini Jarama 4.0 S GT 2+2 (1973)
Only 152 made, very original

lamborghini jarama 4 0 s gt 22 1973

The Lamborghini Jarama S is an absolute rarity amongst the world of rare Lamborghini’s. At the 1970 Geneva car show, the Lamborghini Jarama was introduced as the successor to the Islero S. Instead of continuing the development of the Islero, Lamborghini decided to build the Jarama on a shortened Espada base. The Jarama S can be seen as a face-lifted version. The Jarama S (aka the Jarama GTS) featured many improvements compared to the normal Jarama.

Price: €189.500,-

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Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder (1961)
Nut and bolt restored, matching numbers

maserati 3500 gt vignale spyder 1961 1

The Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spider is a stunningly gorgeous Italian convertible. The Vignale body, designed by Giovanni Michelotti is a timeless piece of art. This Maserati 3500 GT has had a total “Nut&Bolt” restoration and is now of a superb high quality state. On the 25th January 1961 this Maserati 3500 GT was supplied to Mr Ghetti by Genova based Maserati Dealer Automar SrL. Mr Ghetti was a stylish man. The car came with wonderful Borrani wheels. This car is the popular carburettor version of the Maserati 3500 GT. The 3.5 litre straight-six is coupled to a manual 5-speed gearbox.

Price: € 795.000,- 

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Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Cabriolet (1946)
Stunning colour combination, very well maintained

alfa romeo 6c 2500 sport cabriolet 1946

They still are such automotive masterpieces. This 1946 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport is a beautifully decked out car. Its full name is an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Cabriolet. Whilst most car manufacturers had to switch to military production in the 2nd WW, Mussolini ordered Alfa Romeo specifically to continue its car production. Mussolini’s idea was that Alfa Romeo would be able to show off its cars to the greater glory of his fascist regime. It was just one more example of his megalomaniac flights of fancy. That does not diminish the fact that immediately after the war Alfa Romeo were able to present this brilliant model.

Price: € 265.000,-

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