Icon: Lamborghini Countach LP 400 – 001

The Countach developed by Bertone has helped to increase Lamborghini’s fame. The name in Piedmontese dialect expresses the admiration expressed by a bodybuilder employee when he saw the prototype, whereupon Ferruccio Lamborghini gave the car its name. With a height of just over one meter and the wedge-shaped line, it overcomes the 300 km/h mark. He achieved his full maturity through the work of Bob Wallace, top engineer and test driver of the house.

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It was the first model with scissor doors, a characteristic feature of Lamborghini for future models and, unlike the Miura, the engine is installed lengthways in the rear (longitudinal posteriore / LP). This design is still implemented today. The model on view is the first original prototype with the chassis number 001.

Year of construction: 1974 – 1978 / engine: V12 – 4 liters / power: 375 HP / top speed: 315 km/h / copies: 152



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