Grill M1 Edition Kit By Wolf And Grizzly

Wolf and Grizzly will turn your next outdoor experience into a very special and, above all, a very tasty one. Whether on a small hike, at an event or simply on a beautiful sunset, this portable grill should definitely find space in your luggage.


Wolf and Grizzly has brilliantly implemented their idea and created a product that is of great quality. The Grill M1 can be set up in under a minute and consists of only two parts. It is foldable, very light and therefore easy to carry and stow away for the next big adventure. The grill can be used on charcoal as well as on fire. Every component of the Grill — from the frame legs to the bolts and screws — is made out of 304 stainless steel, ensuring that you don’t need to worry about the low melting point of aluminum or the low stability temperatures of non-stick coatings. The frame, rods, and technical stainless steel aircraft cable makes for a sturdy, corrosion-resistant experience that won’t have you wondering whether or not it can support you on your journey.

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