Gran Turismo Turbo Is Back

Automobili Maggiore a Tuscan company based in Forte dei Marmi (LU) Italy, born in 2019 from an idea of the founder Gianluca Maggiore, operating in the field of the creation of unique or limited series vehicles conceived using special methods to allow for the greatest scope for personalization, made its debut at “Concours of Elegance”, the most regal automotive event among those in the sector, dedicated to the most beautiful and rare cars in the world, which takes place from 2 to 4 September at the luxurious setting of Hampton Court Palace.

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Automobili Maggiore transforms classic cars into unique objects. This process is called Restomod: the original style of an iconic car of the past is kept intact both outside and inside, while changes are made to details and mechanics in order to improve the vehicle with today’s technology and all safety systems necessary for driving on the road, enhancing engine, brakes and chassis. A tangible proof of how it is possible to combine technology and design without forgetting the automotive heritage of each brand that has made history. The idea behind Gianluca Maggiore’s strategy is to keep the “old style” pleasure of the original car unchanged, in the case of the Project M, a Ferrari 308 GTS Quattroval vole, without distorting the original character, but focusing on a respectful restyling of the base model, to make a truly special icon.

Less than two years ago Automobili Maggiore launched the Project M (Magnum), the world’s first Ferrari based restomod project. The respect for an iconic car like the 308 and the desire to remain faithful to the stylistic legacy of the original product and its lines, so simple but brilliant, meant that the updating work was as deep on a technical level as it was delicate on terms of style. The reinterpretation of the Ferrari 308, while completely redesigned and reengineered in carbon fiber, is in fact very similar to the original car from the 1980s, and despite its breaking points in terms of design, a strong vintage connotation remains in its lines.

Automobili Maggiore, on the occasion of “Concours of Elegance” unveiled its second project: Gran Turismo

With Gran Turismo, the company has decided to follow a more aggressive approach in terms of style, design and performance to offer its customers a complementary product to the first (Project M), but with a much more decisive and modern.

The inspiration comes from the 288 GTO , the first true Ferrari Supercar and the pinnacle of the evolution of the 308. The Gran Turismo was born from the need to satisfy the demands of those customers who love the 80s, but who are looking for a more “hardcore” atmosphere compared to Project M. With GranTurismO Automobili Maggiore brings a beast with a Turbo engine to the street and 600HP ready to bite the asphalt.

“Hampton Court is an incredible destination for its intrinsic beauty, for the amazing cars present at the Concourse of Elengance and also for the presence of specialists and crafts men who represent the most romantic part of the Automotive world” says Gianluca Maggiore, the founder of Automobili Maggiore “We are delighted to have brought our first car, Project M, to the UK for the first time at this event, but above all we are pl eased to have unveiled our new project, Gran Turismo, an ambitious idea that combines the utmost expression of technology with the most refined craftsmanship”.

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The Idea

Gran Turismo was born from the desire to celebrate two myths: the first Turbo engine of Ferrari, born in 1982 and Eng Nicola Materazzi , the man who made forced induction engines immortal, designing masterpieces such as 288GTO, GTO evolution, F40, EB110 and Edonis. Eng. Materazzi, which has unfortunately passed away in recent days, has taken Turbo engines to a level of per formance previously unknown, working on both F1 and road car. He was not only an engine engineer, but a 360 degree engineer who also designed chas sis and bodywork, developing incredible cars such as the famous F40 from scratch.

In developing the new turbo charged car, Automobili Maggiore wanted to celebrate the genius ofthis great man, so important in the history of motorsport, but at the same time distant from mainstream logic. From this idea the relationship between Eng. Maggiore and Eng. Materazzi has evolved into a collaboration for the development of the GranTurism O project. In fact, already after the first interviews, Eng. Materazzi was positively impressed by the realization of Project M, intending to support the setting and development of this new project despite his health conditions were not optimal.

In these six months Automobili Maggiore has had the good fortune to grow and to make the project grow together with one of the brightest minds in the automotive sector, as well as meeting an incredib ly humble and generous person. Unfortunately, Eng. Materazzi was unab le to attend the launch of this new project, but Automobili Maggiore is honored that he has left his last touch in the automotive world on a project inspired by one of his greatest succes ses, the closing of a cycle that has begun 40 Years ago.

Gianluca Maggiore, founder of Automobili Maggiore, declares: “The greatest regret was that of not having been able to share this moment with one of the people behind the project itself, Eng. Materazzi, who left us just a few days ago. This presentation is therefore a real tribute to one of the most illustrious engineers and designers that the automotive world has ever had, and it is an honor that Eng. Materazzi put his final touch on the Gran Turismo after designing the most incredible cars of the 80s and 90s”.


The chassis used come from the 208 308 328 family which is completely restored and reinforced to withstand the new levels of stres s. A sub frame is at tached to this to ancho r the longitudinallymounted engine and the new 6 speed manual gearbox.

The track has been widened both at the front and at the rear. The suspension is completely new in geometry and will be made of Ergal, an aero nautical derived aluminum alloy to have a b etter response to dynamic stresses together with lower weight, t o the benefit of the car’s handling. These will be combined with adjustable springs and shock absorbers and a racing braking system by Brembo.

The base engine is the original Ferrari V8, of w hich the crankcase will be maintained, while the heads are being completely redesigned to accommodate the new intake system which will be completely new with a system currently used only in racing engines (F1 / Mo to GP) with 8 throttle bodies with electron ically managed rotating v alves and air / H2O intercooler directly housed in the intake manifold in order to improve the engine response when the accelerator is recalled and reduce the response lag when changing ge ar. Also, from an aesthe tic point of view, the proposed solution will al low to combine the aesthetics of naturally aspir ated engines with visible intake trumpets and injector train with the performance of turbocharged engines thanks to a specifically designed carbon plenum having inserts in transpa rent material resistant to hi gh pressures and temperatures
The positioning of the engine in the compartment will be longitudinal both for a better distribution of masses and thermal loads and to ensure the symme try of the engine inside its housing.

In terms of size, the transformed engine, thanks to the dry sump lubrication system and the reconstruction of the bedp late , oil sump, cam carriers, distribution carter, intake and exhaust manifolds and service belt sy stem, will have a smalle r size of about 30% in all ax es with respect to the original motor.

In absolute terms of power density, mass, specific areal power and dimensions, the engine will be in line with the specifications of the leading V8 engines in G T 3 competitions (488GT3 etc), while being able, however, compared to the latter, to enjoy some exclusive technical solutions such as the system of S equential S elective bi T urbo system and the double fuel system developed by Italtecnica. Thanks to this innovative supercharging system that converges the exhaust gases of both banks on a Turbo at low loads and on both Turbos at high loads, it allows the use of two large turbocharger groups, to develop 600CV of maximum power, but also a noticeable low end torque in the absence of response delays.


The entire car has been completely redesigned taking inspiration from the more muscular 288GTO and the entire body will be made of carbon fiber.

At the front, the low spoiler together with the square mouth stron
gly recall the style of the 80s, as well as the LED strip for the daytim e running lights and the iconic retractable headlights which in this reinterpretation are smaller than the originals and use a pair of spotlights latest generation halogens set in two carbon tubes. The fenders have important volumes but have been lightened by ribs that accentuate the feeling of strength of the whole car together with the tapering of the door area that leads to having the coca cola shape in the view from above, typical o f formula 1 cars.

The air intakes, very important for breathing and cooling the engine, are very large, 3 on each side and made with a more modern and squared shape. The main intake on the door originates from the high rib of the shoulder and gives dynamism to the entire side, the one behind the side window has a three dimensional volume that emphasizes its character and the third one is hidden in the miniskirt. At the rear the extractor dominates the lower part, while in the upper part the beautiful headli ghts set in small volcan oes are as if cut in half by a band of shiny mat erial, recalling concepts from the most recent Maranello productions. The bonnet is very muscular, and the rear spoiler can be implemented with small nolders that accentuate its sportiness. The gills are a distinctive feature that find both on the front and rear bonnets and on the rear side panels to increase the evacuation of heat from the engine compartment. On the front, a modern reinterpretation of the grilles of the original cars allow the hot air that hitsthe radiator to escape.

The 18” alloy wheels, specially designed for the Gran Turismo , reinterpret the concept of the 5 pointed star but with a very modern and sophisticated 3D design. The interiors will be modern but with vintage references, and obviously they will be completely customizable in materials, colors and accessories.

The Gran Turismo will be produced in a limited number of units and each model will be made following the customer’s specifications and accompanied by a specific book that will trace its history, making each model produced unique.

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