Glorious Goodwood: Motul At The 2021 Revival

Last weekend, one of the biggest events in the motoring calendar took place – the Goodwood Revival. Motul was a main partner of the event and had quite a feast in store for fans. Motul’s Camilo Polimeni, group motorsports sponsorship manager, and Andy Wait, UK business development manager, are the guides.

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Motul High Street booth

Here is the shop and garage. Out the front of the garage Motul had a RUF Porsche, a 1940s Chevrolet and a Triumph Triton. Motul also had a show offer on, with 20% off Motul products. They’re selling classic oils and showcasing some of other products as well as selling retro memorabilia such as badge pins, kids’ toys, t-shirts and so on. They’re also offering free Motul embroidery patches.

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Club Motul

At the Motul High Street, fans were able to learn more about Club Motul, the website for classic car owners. It’s the way of connecting with car clubs allowing them to conveniently buy oil direct and get promotions and discounts from Motul.

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Motul coffee shop

Everywhere you go, within 10 steps you saw a Motul flag, banner, memorabilia, or logo. It  was painted on the floor at the entry to the racetrack, you saw it from the air, it was on the front of the Duke’s pavilion, the race control building and a VIP area where Motul hosted corporate guests. It’s great to have such a strong presence at one of the most important motoring events in the world. One of the highlights of The Revival is the opportunity to get up close to some spectacular and extremely rare cars.

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Motul Racing lab

From Dakar to the 24h of Le Mans, the Motul Racing Lab tours the globe offering free support and oil analysis to race teams, even if they aren’t a Motul customer. The Motul Racing Lab will be on display at Goodwood offering oil analysis to all competitors that want to have their oil analyzed and the technical experts will be on hand to talk through the results.

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Motul Corner

Right next to the bike paddock was an old Goodwood shop that was painted in Motul colours. Opposite that, on display is the old Vagabond truck Motul restored and next to that there was a fuel stop selling drinks and bits and bobs. A great photo opportunity.

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St Mary’s Trophy

Motul sponsored the St Mary’s Trophy. It’s one of the most prestigious races at the event. It happens twice over the weekend, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. This is one you don’t want to miss.

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Motul had been working with BRM for a few months now, and they’ve restored, using the original BRM archives, a V16 F1 car. The noise of this car is unforgettable. That car will be revealed this weekend, and the Duke organised a large BRM parade presented by Motul.

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