Ferrari Monochrome – All Is Blue

Not everything is blue. But quite a few Ferraris appeared in this wonderful, by no means, usual paint job. The blue color gives every Ferrari, regardless of age, a certain elegance, away from any aggressive sportiness or to show off pure power and acceleration.

Ferrari Monochrome - All Is Blue

A Ferrari in blue is certainly a status symbol, but it has a completely different attitude. A nonchalance. Since blue is in general my favorite color, blue Ferraris are also my favorites, although there aren’t that many of them.


The idea behind this series of images is to visualize the beautiful details of Italian-style automobile design. There are functional details that are designed and manufactured with love and care. They make up the charm of Ferrari, but not only Ferrari, other Italian car manufacturers also have this great talent to make even door handles look like a work of art.

Of course, one cannot ignore the contribution of the great Italian coachbuilders such as Pininfarina, Bertone, Scaglietti or Touring. With their talent and their ideas, they decisively influenced the appearance of Italian cars and thus also contributed to the creation of legends.


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Dark colors like blue make the shapes of the Ferraris appear a little softer, a little rounder and also more feminine. There is also something sublime about owning a blue Ferrari , it is a statement, elegance before sportiness. Italian Grandezza.


The photographs once again show old and newer Ferraris, a 250 GT Lusso racing at Spa Francorchamps, a 275 GTB, of course a 246 GT Dino, the Ferrari 246 Dino really does come in many colours; a 250 GT Drogo, a 328 GTB, a 330 GTS, a wonderful 330 GTC in light blue. Also shown here is a dark blue 250 GT coupé and a more recent F355 Ferrari.


What they all have in common, despite all the differences, is this unbelievably harmonious refinement. It’s a privilege to drive a blue Ferrari, the owners are actually other guys too.


Not all Ferrari’s are red, some are yellow, some are black and some are thankfully blue. There are not many, but they know how to inspire. Find out more about our photographer Ralph Lüker.