Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally

The new Multistrada V4 Rally is the ideal travel companion in all conditions, as easy and intuitive in the urban jungle as it is on the most daring off-road routes. High-performance, robust and reliable V4 Granturismo engine and extended service intervals, will take you wherever your adventurous heart desires.

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Designed for long distance riding on any terrain, rider and passenger can enjoy heightened comfort and travel farther, which makes the new Multistrada V4 Rally ideal for those seeking an ‘all-round’ bike.

Equipped For Epic Journeys

Trek across unknown lands with everything you need to travel in the utmost comfort. The Multistrada V4 Rally’s impressive versatility is the result of a new setup and targeted engine development.

Born For Long-Range Travel

The durability and robustness of the Granturismo V4 engine allows for significantly longer service intervals. The oil change is scheduled every 9,000 miles and the valve clearance check and eventual adjustment every 37,000 miles.
For the rider, these numbers mean just one thing – more time to enjoy the ride.


Enjoy The Beauty Of Travel

Intervention relating to the air flow in the central and lower sections of the bike and the engine management strategy reduce heat transfer to the rider. The new design of the front end significantly improves acoustic comfort, also when riding two-up. The elongated tail piece and rearward case attachment offer the passenger more room.


Limitless Adventure

The four Riding Modes, Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro, mean that the Multistrada V4 Rally is at home in the city but even more so on remote, open roads. Each riding mode incorporates dedicated engine, suspension and electronic control settings.
The Power Modes allow for management of the engine delivery and power, a function that comes into its own on more insidious routes.


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Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally MY23 overview gallery 01

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