DayBreak No. 1000 – KEEP ON RACIN’!

You wouldn’t believe it – the 1,000th DayBreak newsletter. When we started with the daily news about 3 years ago, everyone thought we were crazy.

DayBreak No. 1000 - KEEP ON RACIN'!

Why go to all that trouble when you can get by with a weekly newsletter? But our information behavior has changed fundamentally and we want to know in the morning what’s new in our wonderful hobby. And every day there are many exciting stories and topics. More than 350,000 readers a month read our DayBreak, the website, Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you, you are great!

I think we would have discontinued the DayBreak a long time ago if so many readers hadn’t commented positively almost every day. This also encourages us to tackle the next 1,000 DayBreak. The most discussed and controversial category is #girlsloveclassics. Quite a few people love it, some say, what does that have to do with classic motoring and others even want much more of it – that’s life, but we always try to have something for every reader.

Of course we also ask ourselves why such a daily newsletter costs nothing? Would you pay for it and if so, how much? Is it worth as much as a cup of coffee in the morning or should we leave everything as it is? Is there any information or sections missing or do you have other content that you are interested in ?

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank my whole team, who do a fantastic job every day and who are real petrolheads. And of course to our photographers Ralph Lueker, Günter Biener, Peter de Rousset-Hall, Wout Taffijn, Grischa Georgiew, Andi Griesbeck, Marc Kandel and many more. Without your passion the newsletter would be boring. We want to keep racing and keep trying to inspire you, dear readers: KEEP ON RACIN’!



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