Crawler Offroad Trailer

Solid and practical wagons are Crawler’s specialty and are the highest priority. They make sturdy carriages for extreme conditions that are far out of the ordinary, but these carriages have become very popular also for those traveling overland. The origins are wagons for defense and expeditions, but the military character and solid civilization have also caught the eye.

crawler trc 428 minicaravan no 4 web

Crawler knows that for a product to be «good», it must be suitable for the purpose of every use and it must be practical. For this reason, they perform thorough functional and usage analysis before launching a product and they as importers are often included in the advice and tips of customers who use the products.

Quality and solid solutions:
Crawler researches and develops a lot to satisfy and exceed the user’s requirements and expectations. The products have been developed by their own design and engineering team using state-of-the-art impact analysis, CAD, CAM parametric modeling and 3D scanning and drawing techniques, and the wagons have been tested against vibration, passive strength and impact, making the wagons truly solid and robust. A trolley designed to be used, do not stand still!
Proper design:
Crawler takes care of the essential massive aesthetic when designing products that not only require design tailored to the purpose, but also require a robust and tough look.


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