Coolness By teNeues

“Coolness” – on the one hand today a fashion word devoid of content, on the other a self-confidently lived, late-modern individual attitude and behavioral strategy with rebellious roots against a twisted and unjust world.

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But what does the word “cool” actually mean and what does it mean “to be cool”? How does “coolness” become tangible? What makes coolness so appealing? Where do the terms come from? How has the matter evolved?
Which facets do we encounter when we take a closer look?

Michael Köckritz gets to the bottom of these questions with a holistic view, researches and collages history and stories, talks to interdisciplinary experts about backgrounds and developments, characteristics and criteria, identifies with you the icons and personalities that so strikingly shape our modern image of coolness. The result is an entertainingly stimulating as well as creative journey of discovery approaching the facets of a timelessly fascinating phenomenon of longing.

This reflected, precise look at the concepts of cool and coolness becomes an impressive plea for coolness as a timelessly modern, emotional experience and self-confident “attitude” that lives attractively from a refusal of bourgeois norms and not fitting in, and at the same time fascinates with a distinctly aesthetic dimension.


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