Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition

Bugatti has revealed the latest in its range of innovative digital timepieces, created with VIITA Watches. The Carbone Limited Edition by VIITA is not only the world’s first limited-run smartwatch, but also the first to be constructed with a full carbon fiber housing. As with its range of hyper sports cars, only the very best materials, design and craftsmanship have been chosen.

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In the modern era of Bugatti, carbon fiber is a crucial material. Extremely lightweight, strong and dense, it is used both in the monocoque and in the body of every Bugatti. Without its innate strength, the record-breaking performance of models like the Chiron Super Sport 300+1 would simply not be possible. The revolutionary material is applied here to the Carbone Limited Edition smartwatch, immediately creating a link with Bugatti’s range of hyper sports cars. Finished with highlights of blue, a French racing color forever associated with the brand, the carbon fiber elements are milled precisely from a solid block.

Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director at Bugatti International, points out: “At Bugatti the use of innovative technologies and materials is just as important as appearance, usability and reliability. The Carbone Limited Edition smartwatch incorporates it all, not just through its use of carbon fiber but also with regards to beauty, rarity and technology.”

Compared to the first model, the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One smartwatch, the battery capacity has been increased by 22% to 540 mAh, meanwhile the overall weight has reduced by 13% despite the larger battery, thanks to its new lightweight materials. In normal use, without the GPS services, the battery lasts up to 15 days. In always-on mode, a battery life of two to three days can be expected.

In both materials and design, the Carbone Limited Edition mimics the Bugatti line-up, and also in its innovative use of technologies. Much like the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One smartwatch range, it features a GPS sensor especially developed for this range of watches, housed among 1,000 intricately packaged components, which provides an entirely new level of accuracy. Wearers taking it to the racetrack can have their lap times and acceleration data recorded automatically by the watch.

A dual-sensor measures both heart rate and heart rate variability to report detailed health data to the wearer, which can be logged on more than 90 different sports. Cardiovascular recovery, training recommendations, biological age and stress level measurements are each generated and supported. More basic functions like step counting and sleep monitoring are also included.

The Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition is waterproof to 100 m or 10 ATM, and comes with a 390*390px AMOLED Sapphire glass touch screen with 16.7 million colors. Owners of the watch have the choice of wearing it with a gray silicone/nylon strap or a black silicone strap – both included in the box.

As a testament to the quality of every Bugatti smartwatch, a five-year warranty is provided – a new standard for smartwatches offered only by Bugatti. Only 2,500 pieces will ever be created, with the first 500 delivered in December. Each watch costs 2,590 Euros.

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