Bugatti 57 – The Last French Bugatti

The magnificent Type 57 was the final flowering of the genius of Ettore and Jean Bugatti, and the last truly new model from Molsheim, France.

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Packed with over 300 images – mostly contemporary – this book is recognised as THE standard reference on the 57 and its close relatives.
“If I was asked to give my opinion as to the best all-round super-sports car … I should, without hesitation whatever, say it was the 3.3 [T57] Bugatti.” – Sir Malcolm Campbell, The Field, September 4th, 1937. The magnificent Type 57 was the final flowering of the genius of Ettore Bugatti and Jean Bugatti, and was the last truly new model from the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France.

Conceived as a fast, luxurious and exclusive touring car, the T57 was in production from 1934 to 1939, and was so successful that the model accounts for around 10 per cent of all Bugattis built at Molsheim. Not only a sales success, the T57 formed the basis of a Grand Prix model, a twice Le Mans-winning sports racing car and, in road-going form, wore some of the most beautiful bodies ever created by the great coachbuilders of the vintage period. See the work of Letourneur & Marchand, Graber, Gangloff, James Young, Corsica, Van Vooren & Saoutchik, Vanden Plas, Figoni & Falaschi, Sodomka, Henri Labourdette, Fernandel & Darren, Franay, Guilloré, Malyby, Tüschner, Worblaufen and Rice & Harper. Also the standard bodies: Atalante, Galibier, Stelvio, Ventoux, Atlantic and Aravis.

Barrie Price’s work is a concise history of the T57 and its derivatives the T59, T64 and T101, an engineering analysis, and the most thorough survey yet of the many coachbuilt bodies fitted to this famous chassis. The reader will also find appendices crammed with detailed and valuable information ranging from chassis numbers and original owners to sales and service statistics.


  • The book of the Bugatti 57 and its derivitives.
  • Over 300 fascinating and mainly period images portray all of these Bugatti models
  • See the work of many great coachbuilders
  • So successful was the Type 57 that it accounts for 10% of all Bugatti production.
  • The last Bugattis built in France
  • Written and compiled by an authority on the marque
  • Includes the story of the ill-fated postwar Type 101
  • Author’s royalties donated to the Bugatti Trust
  • High quality artpaper production


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