Brabus Shadow 900 XC Cross

The BRABUS Shadow 900 Black Ops Signature Edition is as BRABUS as it gets with darker and further brabusized design cues: including a dark, unmistakable “BRABUS Graphite Black” paint job, a brand new upholstery color choice in “BRABUS Graphite” as well as Signature Style graphics with red Signature Stripes that run across the entire exterior design concept and are accompanied by sleek hull badges in black chrome.

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The edition is hand built with focus on precision and finish, the process of fairing, painting and polishing alone takes up to six weeks due to non-automated, thorough and highly labor intensive procedures.

Another highlight of this next level evolution of the renowned Black Ops series is the is the Sun Lounge, which is now standard on all BRABUS Shadow 900 models, due to its high comfort-level and expanded social space on the front deck. A multitude of new features such as a new LED searchlight, black engine cowlings with gray or red accents according to individual upholstery color choices, revised fender box panels, wall pockets and LED bulwark step lights complement the boat’s irresistible BRABUS appeal.

Transforming the traditional perception of what a purposeful cabin cruiser should look like, the unmistakable look of the BRABUS Shadow 900 XC has created a new yet instantly recognizable face within this popular boating genre. Utility and luxury come together; this is the ultimate cross-over, whether you’re seeking out thrills or convenience, the BRABUS Shadow 900 XC delivers performance at its very heart.

“Lashings of sinister BRABUS glamour and performance to knock your socks off. A boat that makes you feel special.” – Jury statement, Motor Boat Awards 2022


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