Bentley Launches Mulliner Styling Packages For Final Continental GT V8

Bentley Motors Europe has announced that the order for derivatives from the Continental GT and GTC with the V8 engine will be completed by mid-November. This is in line with the Beyond100 strategy, which provides that a hybrid option will be available for each model series by 2025. The V8 engine is still available in other markets. To mark this milestone, Mulliner designers have designed impressive design themes that underline the positioning of the S and Azure derivatives, which can be configured as additional equipment for the last Continental GT V8.

Curated by Mulliner 2

The five “Curated by Mulliner” interior packages reflect customers’ strong demand for individual design of the Continental GT and represent a unique opportunity to give Bentley’s ultimate Grand Tourer a personal touch. These special packages, inspired by vibrant colour accents found in nature, are available to Bentley customers in Europe – the Continental GT region.

The styling packages were compiled by Bentley’s Mulliner finishing department, based in Crewe, England. They are available for all model variants of the Continental GT V8 and the Continental GTC V8 – including the comfort-oriented Azure and the performance-oriented S. Customers can complement the selected styling package for the interior with a color-fitting styling package for the exterior.

The “Curated by Mulliner” styling packages meet Bentley customers’ continued demand for an individual design of their cars – a trend that has been gaining increasing popularity since the introduction of the first Continental GT 20 years ago. Each styling package is designed to inspire customers to create their very personal dream version of the Continental GT. The dynamic colors Key Lime, Vivid Red, Mandarin, Klein Blue and Turquoise are offered. Each styling package can be added with more options to include Bentley’s ultimate Upgrade Grand Tourer even further.

Each of the five packages is based on a motif from nature. Key Lime was inspired by sparkling citrus pigments that revitalize the interior of the vehicle. Vivid Red is intended for the performance-oriented models GT S and GTC S and is based on the tin-upper red pigments that are obtained in aeolian landscapes. Mandarin, on the other hand, testifies to the rich colours that can be found in spectacular areas such as the Icelandic Magmakraters or the Namib Desert. Klein Blue fits perfectly with the well-being-oriented Azure models and goes back to nuances abstracted from elements of hypernature. Finally, Turquoise refers to the cyan-blue depths of the Icelandic seas and the appeal of the Aurora Borealis at night.

Distinctive colour accents from the styling packages tastefully emphasise key elements in the interior of each of the “Curated by Mulliner” vehicles. These elements include the contrasting steering wheel spokes or the gear lever, rounded off by colour-matching contrast lines on the handmade veneer. The seats in Mulliner colour combinations are harmoniously complemented by Mulliner foot mats with contrasting micro-cedars in the chosen accent colour. Passengers are welcomed by a “Curated by Mulliner” welcome light when you board and disembark. The optional styling package for the exterior, which is only available in conjunction with the styling package for the interior, continues the selected colour theme with accent lines on exterior mirrors and body kit.

The styling packages “Curated by Mulliner” further refine the interior. A diamond bnade gives the metal elements of the dashboard a jewel-like look, while the “Mood Lighting Specification” can control the colour and intensity of the lighting in the interior.
The Bentley Rotating Display offers three different instrument variants to choose from. In addition, the styling packages also include chrome keders on the instrument panel and an LED welcome light as well as – for the S version of the Continental GT and the Continental GTC – also a “Leather Specification”. The styling package for the exterior is accentuated by the “styling specification” as well as by self-aligning cycling emblems.

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