Back From The Past: The DeLorean Alpha V

DeLorean is coming back. The first model will be the Alpha5. It is unapologetically human and a New Energy mobility brand. DeLorean has a clear vision of the future, knowing it does not represent today.


DeLorean is as eager as you are to enable a path to ownership of the iconic Alpha5. Bridging the physical universe with the metaverse will be the way forward. DeLorean will advise all newsletter-registered subscribers in late summer 2022 on how to join this journey to ownership. Go to the list here

Exterior of the DeLorean Alpha V

Designed with purpose. DeLorean has confidence and a compelling presence. They will continue to apply the rebellious DNA to shape the vehicles and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. Writing the legacy in real-time and instinctively adapting to the future with a heightened curated experience. Rooted in counterculture DeLorean confidently embrace the unexpected.

Interior of the DeLorean Alpha V

DeLorean creates an environment to encourage human experience and connections. The balance between Artificial support and Human control. Intelligent intuitive human design and craftsmanship.

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