Anker Solix X1 Home Energy Storage System

Anker isn’t just aiming to power your devices; it’s aiming to power your entire household. Introduced last year, Anker’s Solix X1 home energy system is now offered in various sizes tailored to meet nearly any power requirements.

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Housed in a sleek, 5.9-inch enclosure, this modular system features stackable battery packs ranging from 5kWh to 180kWh capacity. The power output spans from 3kW to 36kW, ample to keep essential lights and appliances running at the lower end, while the largest option can sustain an entire home, including HVAC, and even charge an electric car.

The Solix X1 automatically charges if severe weather is predicted and is designed to operate in diverse temperature ranges, both indoors and outdoors. Pricing for the Solix X1 is available upon request.


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