The New Ferrari 12Cilindri

Introducing the latest marvel from Ferrari: the 12Cilindri. This powerhouse combines cutting-edge technology with Ferrari’s legendary performance, boasting a V12 engine that promises unparalleled speed and precision on the road. Get ready to experience the pinnacle of automotive engineering with the Ferrari 12Cilindri.

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12 Cylinders born to thrill

The Ferrari 12Cilindri is equipped with Maranello´s iconic naturally-aspirated V12 engine, the purest expression of Ferrari´s spirit. This version delivers 830 hp of power, while the top engine speed is 9500rpm.

Some of the developments implemented on this model have already been adopted on the 812 Competizione special series, such as the exhaust system with ceramic catalytic converter, titanium con rods, and pistons made from a lightweight aluminium alloy. Meanwhile, the sliding finger followers- a component derived from Ferrari´s experience in Formula 1 – serves to open and close the valves, reducing the coefficient of friction at critical points and significantly improving the performance of the engine.

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Sound is pivotal to marrying the comfort, luxury and exhilarating driving emotions typical of a Ferrari V12: to this end, every element of the intake and exhaust lines were optimised. Equal-length exhaust tracts, the 6-in-1 manifold for every cylinder bank and the innovative design of the central sections has resulted in Ferrari´s typical V12 howl made up all of the noble combustion orders.

Innovative Aspirated Torque Shaping (ATS) has allowed the Maranello engineers to sculpt the torque curve in third and fourth gears using sophisticated electronic control that improves perception of the shape without impinging on acceleration, all to the benefit of driving pleasure.

The introduction of the new final drive furthermore keeps acceleration levels high and allowed the engineers to define a new torque curve shape for an aspirated engine.

Simple LinesTimeless Style

Clean lines dominate the Ferrari 12Cilindri’s geometry, underscoring the volumes that make up a seamlessly interconnected whole.

The ultra-clean flanks sweep back along the entire car from a dihedral section. The Ferrari 12Cilindri’s wings have been sculpted with extreme geometric precision: all of the lines are the result of intersections between the volumes and a more functional approach to form has been taken that eschews nostalgia.

The muscular rear wing is imposing, yet also perfectly controlled geometrically. On the front wing, that muscular tension extends slightly, coming to rest along the flank and further accentuating the car’s monolithic aesthetic.

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The front has lost certain signature elements of many other Ferraris, such as the traditional elongated form of the headlights and mouth-shaped grille, in favour of geometries and intersections innate to the car´s design.

The headlights are integrated into a single wraparound band, from which the DRLs emerge like blades.

At the rear of the Ferrari 12Cilindri, rigour is the order of the day with the shape obtained by the subtraction of volume.

Consistent with the front of the car the taillights are set into a blade that traverses the entire rear section and also provides what is possibly the Ferrari 12Cilindri´s real signature theme, demonstrating once again how cleverly the Ferrari Styling Centre´s designers are able to meld technical and functional demands with beauty.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri sports the 8-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) that received such an unanimously rapturous welcome on other cars in the range.


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Steering Wheel

The car sports the capacitive steering wheel seen on all of the latest models in the range featuring the indented buttons for ease of use.

This means that command activations are more precise, instant and intuitive even in sporty driving conditions.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri comes with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®-based mobile connectivity systems as standard, both easily controlled from the new central display. A wireless charging mat on the central tunnel (as standard) makes phone charging simple too.

Human machine interface

The Ferrari 12Cilindri introduces a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) comprising three displays that raise the Ferrari V12 berlinetta onboard experience to new heights.

All of the main functions can be controlled from the central 10.25” touchscreen capacitive display within reach of both driver and passenger. This is flanked by a 15.6” driver display showing all of the driving and vehicle dynamics information.

Lastly, the passenger is always completely involved in the driving experience thanks to an 8.8” display.

Dual cockpit

The interior style takes its inspiration from the Prancing Horse’s dual cockpit architecture.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri’s cabin has an almost symmetrical structure comprising two modules for driver and passenger and offering an astonishing standard of comfort and involvement in the driving experience.

The upper section features two distinct binnacles dedicated to the driver and passenger instrumentation and to the climate control vents.

A deftly elegant colour and material change draws the eye to the two volumes separated by the body of the dash, which seem almost to float, further enhancing the feeling of lightness in this area.

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State-of-the-Art Controls

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The Ferrari 12Cilindri boasts the very state-of-the-art in front-engined berlinetta dynamic controls.

The introduction of brake-by-wire allowed the latest innovations from the range to be adopted, including ABS Evo that debuted on the 296 GTB and the 6D sensor that guarantees optimal precision to the Virtual Short Wheelbase (PCV) 3.0, with the independent 4WS modified from the 812 Competizione playing a key role.

Side Slip Control (SSC) 8.0 is a Ferrari proprietary system and has been optimised to further improve estimation accuracy and learning speed (+10% compared to the past), as well as control on very low grip surfaces.

Grip estimation is flanked by the contribution of the grip recognition logic: by using the information from the EPS CPU and the side-slip angle estimated by the SSC 8.0, the Ferrari 12Cilindri can assess the tyre-road grip level even when steering.

The chassis is completely new: specific attention was focused on the geometry of cast components to improve torsional rigidity whilst simultaneously reducing weight.

The greenhouse topping the new chassis guarantees superb NVH and safety performance and has allowed stiffness to be improved without increasing weight compared to previous Ferrari 12-cylinder applications.

For the first time on a Ferrari road car, a secondary alloy obtained from recycled material has been used, which together with the introduction of the hollow-cast technique enables a 146 kg reduction in CO2 emissions for every car produced.


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