45,740 Visitors At The Classic Motorshow Bremen

Last weekend, the Bremen Classic Motorshow kicked off the classic vehicle season in Germany. 45,740 visitors flocked to the MESSE BREMEN exhibition halls over the three days. “We’re very happy that once again so many people came to the show”, said Frank Ruge, Project Manager of the Bremen Classic Motorshow. “It’s a great result and it confirms that Bremen is firmly established as the starting point for the season.” This was the second highest visitor figure for the Motorshow, just a little short of the 46,407 recorded last year. It means the Classic Motorshow again cemented its reputation as the first meeting of the community after the long winter break.

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Traditionally, the show includes special presentations highlighting specific two and four-wheeler vehicles. This year, the special car show attracted visitors with a display celebrating the history of Lancia cars. The motorcycle special was dedicated to the “shot-glass class” of 50-cc bikes. In the two halls focusing on spare parts, collectors and restorers as always found a huge range of spare parts. The Vehicle Mart in the multi-storey car park also drew crowds throughout the event. Sales of motorcycles showed that the trend towards small-capacity bikes continues to grow. “50cc, 80cc and 125cc types remain very popular. And there was also a lot of interest in exotic Japanese bikes, especially sporty two-stroke types like the Suzuki Gamma series”, said Andy Schwietzer from the PS.SPEICHER Museum in Einbeck. Car sales figures showed that, despite current crises and high inflation, realistically priced vehicles found their buyers. Classic vehicle fans were interested above all in models from the 60s and later. Sales of earlier vehicles focused on particularly rare or special vehicles. This year, the Classic Motorshow team introduced three new elements into the event. “We never stand still and we’re always developing the Bremen Classic Motorshow to make it even better”, said Claudia Nötzelmann, Department Head at MESSE BREMEN. For example, the team invented the “Red List” category of cars, a term the community has enthusiastically adopted. “With this year’s new features, we tackled burning issues for the classic vehicle community and created valuable additions to the show.”

2000 1333This included a presentation in Hall 4 by men and women between 20 and 35 years old, showing what they have achieved as young fans. The response was very positive: “It was awesome how many people turned up, and how they loved it!” said Fynn Backhaus. The body maker brought along a vehicle he built himself. It was such a hit that “a number of retirement-age classic fans asked me whether I could offer them weekend classes in metalworking”. The other young participants also felt this acceptance of their skills by the older generation.

2000 1324Another first was the Women Classic Drivers Initiative (WODI) stand at the Motorshow. This group aims to attract more women to the classic vehicle community. Its founder Jessica Christiani said: “It felt like our time has come. Lots of women came over to chat. And many of the other clubs also approached us. Our project is definitely getting off the ground.”

4032 3024 max scaledMarc Trapp, the owner and auctioneer of Wormser Reklame-Auktion, is also completely happy with the show. “Right from the start, there was massive interest in our offering. People submitted a lot of valuable items, and we’ll definitely be back again next year and also perform auctions. From now on, the Bremen Classic Motorshow is a must for us”, said Trapp. “We were also extremely impressed with the organisation and great cooperation with the Motorshow team.”

The date for the next Bremen Classic Motorshow is already set. Next year’s classic vehicle season will kick off in Bremen from 31 January to 2 February.

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