1968 Porsche 908 LH-004


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  • Extremely Rare Long-tail Configuration
  • Owned by Gérard Larrousse for nearly 44 years
    3rd (in class), 11th (overall) at the 1968 Monza 1000 km
  • 3 Liter Flat-8 Engine / 335 H.P.
    Max Speed at 198 M.P.H.

Porsche 908-004 LH Gerard Larrousse tells its story and Le Mans 1969

The 1968 Porsche 908-004 LH “Lang Heck” emerged from Porsche’s racing division with one clear objective: endurance racing. As a successor to the 906 and 907, the 908 was meticulously engineered to tackle the era’s biggest giants in motorsport. Its creation was a bold declaration, a challenge to the titans of endurance racing’s zenith, most notably, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This machine wasn’t just built to compete; it was forged to dominate.

The 908’s design focused on aerodynamic efficiency and weight reduction, making it a formidable contender on the endurance racing circuit. With the 908’s debut, Porsche signaled its challenge.

Chassis 908-004 LH didn’t just participate in the World Sportscar Championship; it spearheaded Porsche’s grand assault. With every race, it weaved a narrative of speed, resilience, and pure racing prowess, clinching podiums and victories. In doing so, it didn’t just race; it became a legend, engraving its name in the annals of endurance racing lore.

Its debut was nothing short of cinematic – a showcase of promise and potential at the Le Mans test weekend. The 908-004 LH wasn’t just another entrant; it was a protagonist in its own right, overcoming technical hurdles to challenge and often outpace the formidable competitors of its era. Le Mans was more than a race; it was a drama of speed and potential.

Every aspect of its engineering, from the powertrain to the chassis and suspension, was crafted to create a car that could withstand the rigors of endurance racing and emerge victorious. The Porsche 908, and specifically Chassis 908-004 LH, represented a pinnacle in racing car design, characterized by its advanced technical specifications that played a crucial role in its performance on the track.

The heart of the 908 was its powerful naturally aspirated 3-liter flat-8 air-cooled engine with an equally remarkable drivetrain. Its body was constructed from lightweight fiberglass, and the chassis was made of aluminum to cut its weight further.

Chassis 908-004 LH reveals a vehicle designed with an uncompromising focus on performance, reliability, and efficiency. Every aspect of its engineering, from the powertrain to the chassis and suspension, was crafted to create a car that could withstand the rigors of endurance racing and emerge victorious.

Now is your chance to own one of the most recognizable Porsche racecars from the glory days of the Grand Prix. With a racing history straight out of the cinema, and the peace of mind of knowing it can still take 1st against the pack when put on the track. Truly the crowning jewel of your collection and one you can still enjoy.

Race History:
• 25/04/1968 : Monza 1000km – (Placed 11th overall & 3rd in group) – Ludovico Scarfiotti / Gerhard Mitter
• 26/05/1968 : Spa 1000km – (Used as T-Car only) – Vic Elford

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