The Autodromo For HODINKEE Limited Edition Stringback Driving Gloves

Like many watch collectors, Hodinkee is also big fans of cars. In the same way that they love vintage watch and strap designs, they love vintage-inspired automotive accessories.

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Stringback gloves were staples for race car drivers in the 1950s and ’60s, to simultaneously protect drivers’ palms from hot wooden steering wheels and keep their hands cool thanks to a breathable knit top. Their friends at Autodromo have designed a fantastic stringback driving glove true to the classic vintage style, and Hodinkee teamed up to offer a special limited edition version with grey leather and natural cotton string.

The palm is made from genuine Ethiopian hair sheep leather that has been drum-dyed to a lovely light grey, while the top of the glove is a natural-hued 100% cotton, crocheted for that classic stringback look. The gloves feature a short, split cuff without any annoying snaps to fasten, meaning you never have to worry about fitting your glove over your watch.

The Autodromo for HODINKEE Limited Edition Stringback Driving Gloves in Grey are priced at $140 per pair, and are available in four sizes. For more information and to purchase.

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