2020 McLaren Speedtail


Canepa is offering this McLaren Speedtail for sale. 1 of 1 bespoke built, custom spec’d by Bruce Canepa. 1035hp 848ft-lb torque. 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission. Canepa Rootbeer Brown pearl exterior with Italian Nubuck Tobacco leather interior. The Last Speedtail delivered.

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A perfect marriage of science and beauty in the form of a car. The Speedtail is the most effective ever in terms of aerodynamics and the most advanced McLaren. A cutting-edge 1070PS hybrid powertrain at the heart. The Speedtail establishes a new standard for vehicle design by fusing previously unheard-of levels of ingenuity and grace while providing owners with remarkable opportunities for bespoke personalization.

The Speedtail embodies McLaren’s design ethos, “Everything for a reason,” in every tiny detail. The style is one of clean, simple elegance. There is a continuous flow of air from the nose to the tail because it was designed with the single-minded goal of building the most aerodynamically efficient car ever. In the automobile industry, the McLaren Speedtail’s drastically extended tail is almost as distinctive as its remarkable speed. The design minimizes any unnecessary shutlines with a variety of improvements. This results in a shape that is so svelte it looks like it was carved from a single form. This is the pinnacle of simple elegance. Everything was geared at the amazing, innovative performance of hybrid hypercars.

Absolute symmetry with the remarkable room size and exceptional digital handicraft. The Speedtail’s cockpit is a marvelous space to be in. Every aspect is impacted by innovation. Everything from the design of the materials to the arrangement of the interior space. The driving position is at the center of the Speedtail’s interior. The classic McLaren F1, McLaren’s very first road car, is recalled by the automobile’s center driving position. It provides the best possible view of the highway. This contributes to a distinctive sensation of space and balance while operating the vehicle. A magnificent usage of glass intensifies the feeling alongside the dashboard’s seamless, tidy design. Welcome to a truly amazing reimagining of the modern driving experience.

The Speedtail pushes the limits of design and how well it performs. It only takes 12.8 seconds for the Speedtail to accelerate from 0-300 km/h. This is the most rapid acceleration that a McLaren has ever provided. However, the Speedtail is a vehicle that continues to advance. The car’s top speed, which is higher than any vehicle McLaren had ever made and is astonishing at 403 km/h (250 mph), even surpassing the McLaren F1. It is the culmination of an incredible aerodynamic design. Being only 1430kg (3152lbs) when dry, paired with the powerful hybrid engine, the McLaren Speedtail is a masterful automobile.

This specific Speedtail was the very last to be completed and delivered. It is a custom/bespoke order that Bruce Canepa designed in conjunction with McLaren, a true 1 of 1. The Exterior color was a custom formula developed in Canepa’s shops then sent to McLaren in Woking to be duplicated during the paint process for the car. To complement the exterior, the interior features all custom Italian Nubuck leather. All exterior carbon accent trim including the spoiler, headlight surrounds, air intake openings, cowl, roof structure, side skirts, rear fascia, undertrays, etc. were all done in small weave carbon.

The small weave carbon was introduced midway through Speedtail production and installed on very few Speedtails given the added expense making it even rarer. As a final touch, the wheels were finished in Canepa’s stunning Magnesium Graphite coating. With a very extensive list of custom options, this Speedtail is like no other. This is the homologation of Bruce Canepa’s taste and imagination, The Final Speedtail.

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