1973 Porsche 911 RS Lightweight

Taylor & Crawley

This amazing Porsche 911 RS Lightweight is for sale at Taylor & Crawley. One of only 200 RS Lightweight Chassis.  

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  • 1973 Porsche 911RS M471
  • 9113601458

The 1973 Porsche 911 RS (Rennsport) was designed and built to homologate the 911 in the FIA Group 4 for GT cars. Five hundred examples were required but the car proved so successful that the build schedule was quickly revised to 1,000 and demand eventually resulted in 1,500 chassis being completed.

Two versions were offered:

M472, the touring option, was to be a superb high performance GT and retained much of the interior trim and features of the standard 2.4S.

M471, the lightweight, 960kg, racing option become probably the world’s most successful GT racer.

The running gear, as delivered from the factory, was similar for both models;

There was a new, more powerful engine, the 2.4 litre flat six was bored to 2.7 litres and using Bosch mechanical fuel injection (MFI), the new engine developed 210 bhp at 6300 rpm.

The use of wider Fuchs alloys necessitated a substantial flare to the rear wheel arches which combined with the iconic “Ducktail” spoiler on the engine cover to give a new and more aggressive look.

This beautifully balanced package provided the driver with a car that offered superb handling with brilliant acceleration (0-60 in 5.5 seconds) and a maximum speed of 149 mph (240kph), numbers that are admirable today but were nothing short of stunning for 1973. Contemporary road testers raved over the car’s performance and, as demonstrated by the build numbers, racers couldn’t get enough of it.

To save weight the M471 was fitted with thinner steel body panels, glassfibre replaced some and thinner window glass. The interior was stripped, soundproofing was removed, flat door panels were used with a strap to operate the latch and a tiny Fiat 500 handle closed the doors. There was no passenger-side sun visor, glove box door, clock or rear seats and the Sport Recaros were replaced by Recaro’s skinny racing buckets.

RS 9113601458 to M471 spec finished in Gulf Orange, one of only 2, and fitted with an LSD was collected from the factory in June 1973.

For several years the Porsche 911 RS Lightweight was owned by Kremer Racing engineer Willi Neubauer.

For the past 15 years RS 1458 has been part of a stable owned and raced by a well known historic racer who used it mainly for events such as the Modena Cento Ore and the Tour Espana Classic where it won Class H and finished 7th overall.

The 2.7 litre engine has been rebuilt with uprated pistons & porting, new valves, guides etc. and now gives 240 bhp.

9” & 11” Fuchs alloys are fitted along with a front turret crossbrace.

Recently overhauled by marque specialist and readied but unused for the Modena Cento Ore. A new FIA Historic Technical Passport was issued and all dated items; race seats, belts, fuel cell, fire extinguishers etc. were replaced with new.

RS 1458 has not been used since this work was carried out.

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