1969 Lola T165/70 Can-Am Race Car

Copley Motorcars

Stunning Lola T165/70 Can-Am for sale!

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Built by Charlie and Don Bartz’s Can-Am Constructors. Starting with an original Lola T165, Can-Am Constructors re-bodied the 165 with this fabulous coachwork in fiberglass, powered by a massive 7.5 litre Chevy big-block V8 with 4 Weber carbs and putting out 560hp, all mated to a 5 speed gearbox, ventilated disc brakes at all 4 corners, Lola mag wheels with 3-eared knock-off hubs, outfitted with air conditioning. Cover feature in April 1984 Road&Track magazine. Fully sorted and coming to Copley Motorcars out of a gentleman enthusiast’s diverse race car collection. Those too tall or too wide need only apply for use as an art piece as the fabulous lines realized by the Can-Am low profile make for quite a quite snug racing cockpit.

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