1963 Ferrari 250 GTE

Gallery Aaldering

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Imagine it is 1963. Ferrari is not having the best season in Formula 1, but on the other hand, the segment that supplies cars to consumers is doing very well. Enzo was at the peak of his abilities and could rejoice that sales in the United States were starting to pick up. The more “regular” cars he sold, the more money available for racing. What was he driving at the time? Well, a car like the one pictured here. The Ferrari 250 GTE was the first Ferrari to be mass-produced. Although, with 1,000 pieces you still can’t really speak of high production numbers. This example was delivered new in France and is a car from the so-called third series of the 250 GTE. It is a picture of a car that is in very good condition and also still has its original engine.

The bodywork looks beautiful. The sheet metal is nice and thin and the fits are neat. The car stands on 15×7 wide Borrani wheels. The car has already been repainted once. The work was done very well at the time and the paint is still in excellent condition. The previous owner has set himself the goal of bringing and keeping this 250 GTE in top condition. As far as Gallery Aaldering is concerned, he has succeeded very well in this. It is not only the appearance that is to feast on but also the interior and the technology are completely on point.

The inside is partly original and partly new. The leather on the driver’s and passenger’s seats was unfortunately too worn to be used. The two front seats have therefore been reupholstered. The rear seat was still good enough and the door panels are also original. The carpets also still look very good. The handbrake lever also got a new cover in matching leather. The interior was also fitted with some new chrome strips where necessary and above all left as original as possible. The controls and instruments all work exactly as they should and look beautiful.

The technology is in absolute top condition. The matching numbers engine has already been completely overhauled, re-tuned to the dyno and delivers 240 hp. At the same time, a new clutch was placed and the car got the 250 SWB gearing in the steering box, which makes it a bit more direct. In addition, a different fan has been fitted, a stiffer torsion bar and better brake callipers. The emphasis was clearly on making the car drive better without affecting the original appearance. It will therefore come as no surprise that it is a pleasure to be out and about with this Ferrari. A Ferrari V12 remains a true experience for everyone with a soul and heartbeat, every kilometre of every journey, but a well-driving Ferrari is just that little bit more fun. The fun actually starts the moment you walk up to the car because there are few designs in the car world that have aged as beautifully as the Ferrari 250 GTE.

The car comes with a magazine article explaining the work and a copy of the original manual. In short, not only a beautiful Ferrari 250 GTE to see but also a wonderful car to drive.

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