16th Summer Traversée De Paris

700 vehicles, each over 30 years old, will take part in this 16th edition of the summer Traversée de Paris (Crossing of Paris), organised by Vincennes en Anciennes, the largest multi-make club in France. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, light commercial vehicles and tractors (mainly from Normandy) will form a merry rolling heritage gathering, which will include the most varied, most rare or most popular types.

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Sometimes there are French ones which are no longer made, but also British, Italian, German, American, Swedish or Japanese ones, with crews from a range of countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain…).

“For the participants, who sometimes come from very far away, this Traversée is an opportunity to discover Paris from a new angle, to combine the pleasure of driving and sightseeing in a relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere under the well-wishing gaze of passers-by” explains Jacques d’Andréa, President of the Vincennes en Anciennes club.
Those who do not have old vehicles are welcome. Several choices are available to them: be on the southern forecourt of the Château de Vincennes at the time of departure; follow the route; be at the arrival in Meudon; book a seat (€10 per person) aboard one of the four platform buses; take part in the picnic (bring your own food) or simply come and have a look around Meudon by early afternoon.

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A meeting of rolling heritage and architectural heritage

Each Traversée de Paris has a theme set by the organisers. This summer’s will focus on the squares of the capital, a theme that was already covered during the 14th Summer Traversée in 2021. There are nearly 500 squares in Paris so a choice had to be made, and around twenty squares have been selected. All will offer beautiful views of the capital’s iconic monuments. As usual, the route will only be revealed on the morning of the start upon receipt of the road book and the rally plaque (ideally two passes per car are needed to complete the route with ease). The route is planned to take over 4 hours at an average cruising speed of 30km/hour in order to take full advantage of the time.

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Meudon – A giant outdoor exhibition

From noon the first arrivals are expected on the Terrace of the Meudon Observatory. Cheered on or photographed by the public, the crews will experience the climb to the Terrace of the Meudon Observatory. Once in the park, cars park up and picnics are set out near each car – each one has their own style, each one their own guests. The moment is shared in a festive atmosphere. This is an opportunity to talk about old vehicles, to learn more about their long history – without forgetting that each vehicle has its own history which is often atypical. The more enthusiastic will talk about “bolts” or “cylinders”, and it is also an opportunity to exchange useful contact addresses.

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Among the many stands will be the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles, with an exhibition of beautiful models, and the National Union of Historical Military Vehicle Collectors will set up a campaign garage often with spectacular heavy vehicles representing the Second World War period. For the party to be complete a band has been lined up, and everyone will be able to dance – even in period dress – to the wild beat.

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Useful information

Departure of cars and motorcycles from 8:00 a.m. from the South forecourt of the Château de Vincennes –
Arrival: from noon on the Terrace of the Meudon Observatory. Suggested dress code: white
Exhibition of cars in Meudon until around 4 p.m. Website: www.vincennesenanciennes.com
For the Traversée in an old bus: departure from Vincennes at 8:30 a.m. Departure from Meudon at 4 p.m.

Price:€10/person (limited number of places).


Bastille Square: 8:30 a.m.
Place Edmond Rostand-Luxembourg: 9:15 a.m. Place Vauban: 10:00 a.m.
Place de Clichy 11 a.m.
Place des Ternes: 11:30 a© .m.

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