10 Years Addiction To The Goodwood Revival

Why I am so addicted to the Goodwood Revival? The answer is simple. Following H.G. Wells novel from 1895, time travels are possible. Goodwood is the place to take „new pictures from the past“.

10 Years Addiction To The Goodwood Revival

A unique opportunity to find thousands of people in historic clothes, cars and heroes from the golden age of motor sport at a racetrack with significant historic importance. A „film set“ money can’t buy. You will forget that something has been lost in modern motorsport. I feel honored to invite you to my very personal time travel over the last 10 years of this unique event.“

The Goodwood Revival

c Guenter Biener 5 Kopie

Dr. Frank, Head of Audi Classic, Revival 2012

c Guenter Biener 00

Calum Lockie, Winner Goodwood Trophy 2013; Maserati 6CM

c Guenter Biener 2 Kopie

12 important historic Ferraris – No 14:250 TR, Le Mans Winner 1958 , Owner: Michael Kadoorie/Hong Kong; center: 250 GTO by Lord Bamford, Member House Of Lords and owner J.C. Bamford Excavators. Photo from 2022 to celebrate 75th Anniversary of Ferrari.

c Guenter Biener 3

Dario Franchitti, 4 times Indycar Champion and 3 times Champion Indy 500, Revival 2013

c Guenter Biener 4

Stirling Moss & Tony Brooks in the Le Mans winning Aston Martin DBR1, Revival 2013

c Guenter Biener 5

James Cottingham Ferrari 250 SWB, Revival 2014

c Guenter Biener 6

Start Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration, Race 2014

c Guenter Biener 7 1

Jaguar D-Type Celebration; Revival 2014

c Guenter Biener 8

Revival 2015

c Guenter Biener 9

Frank Stippler , Alfa Romeo GTA , Revival 2015

c Guenter Biener 10 Kopie

James Cottingham Ferrari 250 SWB, Revival 2019

c Guenter Biener 10

In Memoriam Stirling Moss & John Surtees , Revival 2015

c Guenter Biener 11 Kopie

Lucia/Ferrari D 50 , Revival 2022; 75th Anniversary Ferrari

c Guenter Biener 11

My wife (in black), Revival 2016

c Guenter Biener 12

D-Types; Revival 2014

c Guenter Biener 13


Tom Kristensen interviewed by the voice of Goodwood (Henry Hope Frost, who died to early in an tragic accident near the race track) , Revival 2014.
This award-winning photo had been selected by Lord March for the IGPG competition as the best Goodwood photo of the year. In the same year I had been nominated as IGPG Photographer of the year.

And in 2020 with Ian Skelton for the second time.

c Guenter Biener 14

Actress and singer CC Mason from the USA with selfie; Revival 2017

c Guenter Biener 15

Grid girls

c Guenter Biener 16

One of the IGPG winner photos, 2020

c Guenter Biener 17

James Cottingham Ferrari 500 TRC; Revival 2018

c Guenter Biener 18

Revival 2018; railway station at the entrance of the infield

c Guenter Biener 19

Calum Lockie, winner 2018, Goodwood Trophy; Maserati 6CM

c Guenter Biener 21

Gareth Burnett, Alta Sport 2 Liter, Revival 2019

c Guenter Biener 23

Julian Bronson Ferrari 290 MM; Revival 2019

c Guenter Biener 25

Grid Girls; the one in the middle I meet every evening in my favourite pub „The Fox goes free“ in Singleton ; she had been a friend of the owner and she recognized me by the photo, that I gave her. One of the winning photos in 2020.

c Guenter Biener 26

Auto Union Silberpfeile, Revival 2012

c Guenter Biener 31

Maserati Tipo 151, Revival 2012

c Guenter Biener 41

Ferrari 875, a very rare 4-cylinder car , Revival 2011; the first owner has contacted me to tell me a great story ( see William Edgar Archive) – he was William Edgars father !!!

c Guenter Biener 51

Settrington Cup für Austin J 40 , pedal cars

c Guenter Biener 61


c Guenter Biener 111jpg

Tire shredding Cobra burnout

c Guenter Biener 121

Unknown film team.

c Guenter Biener 131jpg

Jim Clarks Lotus 38, winner Indy 500 ,1965

c Guenter Biener 141

Clive Chapman and the Classic Team Lotus with the Indy 500 winning Lotus 38 from Jim Clark; this photo should be now in the office of Clive Chapman, who bought it…

c Guenter Biener 151

James Wood (on the right rear wheel), who presented the Ferrari 375 Grand Piston Ring Special at the 75th Anniversary of Ferrari
The only Ferrari , who had been entered for the Indy 500 , but DNF in the qualification – today it belongs to the Louwman Museum.

c Guenter Biener 241 Kopie

Yoga Asanas for the diaper-free , small art inlay for the entertainment of the exclusive teammembers of the Freddy March Spirit of Aviation Party , the night before the Revival 2022

c Guenter Biener

Gran Premio de Europa