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Pendine specialise in the sale of historic cars for road and track. Whilst focusing specifically on the immediate post-war period through to the 1970s, our experience ranges from Edwardian racers through to the supercars of the 1990s.

The company is named after Pendine sands, the 7 mile stretch of beach on the south coast of Wales that was the setting for Britain claiming and retaining the land speed record in the 1920s. The record runs started with Malcom Campbell in 1924, Parry Thomas with ‘Babs’ in 1926 and finally Campbell again in the first Bluebird in 1927.

In the spirit of those pioneer racers, our mission at Pendine is to become the leaders in our field, breathing fresh life into the historic car market as we go.

All listings from Pendine

1956 Bristol 405 D

The 404 & 405 stand out from the rest of their brethren. The 404 was short, sharp and pretty. The 405, to many a cumbersome looking saloon, [...]

1961 Jaguar E-TYPE

It’s worth noting that whilst certain E-Types from 1961 purport to have survived fifty-six years, very few have survived intact with their [...]

1960 Sebring Sprite

The Sebring Sprite. A proud member of that select club of small British cars that turn up at events and ruthlessly trash the opposition. Sebring [...]

1966 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage

As with its predecessors, the DB6 was announced at the London Motor Show and whilst the design parentage of the DB6 is clear, there were many [...]

1972 BMW 2002 Race Car

Simon Diffey, the brains behind ‘Gold Member’, acquired the restored rolling shell from BMW specialist BM Technika. Diffey wanted to build a 2002 [...]

1960 Jaguar XK150 3.8S Drop Head Coupe

The last incarnation of the XK series, the XK150, was the best for long legged, European Grand Touring – larger than its younger siblings, there [...]

1950 Jaguar Gomm

A Sports Racing Car for Road, Race & Rally An opportunity to own a unique Sports Racing Car – the Jaguar Gomm. As with the truly great [...]

1960 Aston Martin DB4

Launched at the 1958 London Motor Show, the DB4 offered outstanding performance against its peers, with a 140mph top speed and 0-60 in 9 seconds. [...]

1958 Aston Martin MK III

One of the most original, continuously used and loved MKIII’s in existence. The current owner, an AMOC member for 41 years, bought VOW 136 in [...]

1966 Jaguar E-Type

It is now nearly impossible to find low mileage, unrestored E-Type’s in good condition; this is one of them. An exceptionally original example [...]

1957 Jaguar XK150

This is a very special XK 150 indeed; chassis XB 1001 was a hand built, factory prototype development car. A letter from the Special Facilities [...]

1961 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

– One of the first 50 Right Hand Drive Roadsters – Built in June 1961 – Concours winning restoration – Original colours of Opalescent Silver Grey [...]
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