Wood Burning Hot Tub

Wood fired bathing in a tub creates the most elemental and authentic outdoor bathing experience. 

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If you’ve ever soaked in water heated only by wood, you’ll know it’s much richer than just the bathing: it’s the splitting and stacking of firewood, the methodical stirring and preparation of the water, the sound of the crackling fire, the anticipation of the heat.

These moments of simple pleasure remind that when life moves half as fast, you notice twice as much.

Crafted in Canada, our Wood Burning Hot Tub is made from durable, 100% recyclable materials including marine-grade aluminum and Western red cedar as well as oak and raw brass detailing. Thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind, this soaking tub is suited for both saltwater and freshwater.

Using just an armful of fallen limbs or brush, the hot tub heats in ~90-120 minutes. Step in, and settle into one of the wood recliners for your soothing soak. It’s just as comfortable for one, as it is for a small family of four.


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