A True Icon: 427 Cobra

The 427 Cobra became a legend from the day it was announced to the world. It had no dual in terms of sheer performance. The 427 still stands as a milestone of road car performance. Only pure racing cars converted for road use could outrun a 427 from a standing start. The brave owner could expect a genuine top speed of 165 mph (depending on axle ratio). The Car & Driver magazine recorded 4.3 sec. for 0-60 mph and 0-100 mph in 8.8 sec. !

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While the 289s were racing against the Ferraris, Carroll Shelby knew Enzo would build a Ferrari for the next season that would beat the Cobra. Shelby had to look ahead and build something faster. In looking for a giant killer , he decided to give the car a larger engine. The first 427 prototype was built on a stiffened 289 chassis, but the small block frame and construction could not handle the massive power coming from the new engine.

SSSZphoto 7290The 427 featured a thick and larger chassis and slightly modified body, but keeping the original 289 doors, windscreen, hood, and trunk lid. Shelby made different versions of the original CSX 427 Cobras, of which, only 316 were built in total. There were 19 production full Competition, 31 S/C models and 260 Street Cars built. The 427 Cobra is the ultimate successor to the 289 and “Anything the 289 did poorly, the 427 did well; and anything the 289 did well, the 427 did better”.

Shelby American records show that CSX 3276 was billed to Shelby American , with acrylic paint, on 6/10/66 in red with black interior. Shelby invoice #001087, dated 9/15/66, billed by well-known dealership McCafferty Ford (Trenton, NJ) for the car: “1966 Cobra, Veh. # CSX3276, Red, $6,145.00 plus freight, $320, total: $6,465.00.” It was trucked to NJ. Within days of delivery, McCafferty submitted a warranty claim to “remove and replace carb; disassemble carb and clean brass chips from bowl and passages; install fuel filter,” at a cost of $11.39. In 3/67, with 3276 still unsold, McCafferty Ford traded it to Pletcher Ford (Jenkintown, PA). Late in 3/67, 3276 was sold to Cecil Harris (Merion, PA). Harris returned to the dealership on several occasions to have minor problems fixed, including a shorted wire to the parking lights, gasket leaks, a mis-positioned throttle plate in the carburetor, faulty wiring to the gas gauge, a kinked and broken speedometer cable, and a shorted-out tachometer.




At 3,500 miles, Pletcher noted that they also replaced the plugs, as the left side of the engine had been fitted with BF-32 plugs, and the other side had BF-42’s. Several hundred miles later, in late 6/67, shorted wires to the heater motor were repaired. 3276 was exported to Germany in the early ’70s by Rolf V. He sold the car in ’73 to Wendelin von B. (GER). Gerhard R. (GER) purchased it in ’75 and kept it for 30 years.

SSSZphoto 7263By the late ’70s, 3276 had been fitted with 7.5˝ & 9.5˝ Halibrand wheels, chrome side pipes, a chrome roll bar, a competition fuel cap, and a hood scoop. Given the German registration “E-NX4,” it appeared on the cover of the 11/87 issue of Motor Klassik magazine, as well as pages 7, 8, 9, and 11.It was involved in a collision in ’93, and the tail end of the car was damaged. The rear sheet metal was repaired at AC Cars later that year. 3276 was offered for sale late in ’03 and found a buyer early in ’05 with the current German owner, a well known Cobra and Shelby connaisseur. The car was featured in the April 2012 edition of „Oldtimer Markt“ and in the limited edition book „Cobra – The Story Of An Icon“ by Trevor Legate, which was released for the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra in 2012.

This rare and charismatic 427 Cobra comes with an original manual, tonneau and soft-top and is highly correct in details with a wonderful patinated interior, correct upgrades and accessories you could order from Shelby American. It has the sought after 427 side-oiler engine with rare aluminium heads, which many 427 owners prefer to the 428 Police Interceptor engines, which had been the equipment of most 427 Cobras due to supply problems with the much more refined and powerful 427 lightweight engine. At the time of production anyone wishing to turn his 428 engined Cobra into a race or competition version, was advised to install a 427 unit, because the 428 was never intended for this.

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