The Standard Ibiza

It’s about time. The Standard has officially arrived in Ibiza. It feels like years in the making; two soulmates destined to be together, finally meeting, with a shared outlook and spirit of adventure that makes for a very exciting marriage. 

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Located in the heart of Old Town, just steps from the waterfront along the pedestrian-only Vara de Rey, The Standard, Ibiza offers a fresh new take on the Ibiza of today while embracing the island’s rich past. Set in a clean, stark-white building with a collection of 53 rooms and suites, plus a freestanding private residence, Casa Privada, the hotel is outfitted with bright, eclectic décor and lush landscaping. The ground floor entrance and street-level restaurant literally open the hotel’s doors to visitors passing by in this historic part of town, offering farm-to-table food and fresh cocktails.

The rooftop pool and restaurant provide stellar views of the city’s iconic Castle of Ibiza, with light bites, drinks, and loungers for mingling, reading and sunning. While it doesn’t compete with Ibiza’s mega-clubs, The Standard, Ibiza doesn’t go to sleep early, either. As the evening evolves and the fresh cuisine turns to more (and more) cocktails, an air of seduction and mischief is felt throughout the hotel, as guests wine and dine at the ground floor restaurant or on the roof beneath the stars until the wee hours, getting into all sorts of trouble.

The island of Ibiza is a microcosm of everything that satisfies and pleases, and The Standard, from top to bottom, mirrors that splendor to perfection. And then some.

The Standard is a place for adults only – you must be 18+ to stay.


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