The Samuel & Harriet Freeman House by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Samuel & Harriet Freeman House by Frank Lloyd Wright (1923-25) with additions and furniture by Rudolf Schindler and subsequent minor improvements by John Lautner, Gregory Ain, and Robert Clark.

View: Garages

Crowning the hill above Highland and Franklin with 270-degree views of Hollywood and the LA Basin, the Freeman House was originally designed as a salon space with a focal hearth, quasi-open kitchen, two bedrooms, and various terraces and roof decks.

The concrete knit blocks provide structure and organic decoration, embodying the very concept of architecture as art. Quoting architectural historian Kathryn Smith: This is one of “Wright’s twenty most important houses . . .the missing link between two World Heritage sites: Taliesin and Fallingwater.

The spatial design, the main room opening through transparent diagonal corners, the unique concrete block detailing, and the bold hillside setting with expansive city views . . . all create a spectacular expression.” (JOA+D, Vol 8.03) Awaiting restoration. The price of $4,250,000 includes many of the original furnishings designed for the house. Interested parties are encouraged to consult images, plans, and source materials on the property website.

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