The Monaco By Bandit9

Originally, Bandit9 set out to make a car that recreated the experience of riding a motorcycle. But as they got lost in research, they found something unexpected: religion.


The more Bandit9 learnt about the Religion of Racing, the more they felt compelled to honor the greats that came before them by continuing their work.
The Monaco is Bandit9’s way of taking the torch of Racing forward.

A Tribute to Racing

Modern sports cars come with an array of features and technology. But the truth is they’re good at many things but master of none.

What’s harder to face is the fact that these conveniences have made modern drivers dependent. First it was cruise control. Now it’s autopilot. With GPS, you don’t even need a sense of direction. You’re barely driving; just call an Uber.

The Monaco purifies the sports car and brings back the focus, the skill and the joy of driving. By distilling the Monaco, what’s left is a real race car driver behind the wheel of one of the fastest cars ever made.


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