The Drivers Office

Monday morning. After a sunny and lazy weekend with good food and some glas of wine everybody has to go back to work. The office calls with the boring work to do. But if you are a professional motor racing driver, your office looks a bit different. Instead of ergonomic office-chairs there is a hard seat; instead of a laptop you will find a spartan dashboard. And of course seat belts.

MIS1907 Kopie

„Racing is life – the time between is waiting“. This very cool claim once said Steve McQueen in the legendary motion picture of the 1970’s Le Mans. Okay, than the lazy, sunny weekend is waiting – waiting for the only relevant office seat – waiting to sit in your own racing car – waiting to find the limit, your own limit and the one of the race car.

MIS1731 Kopie

Yes, most of the motor racing events take place on weekends, but I find the picture of going back to work nice. The drivers office didn’t have a coffee maker, a desk with a framed picture of your family on it, a potted plant, a female secretary with a short skirt (sorry ladies!)but it gives you the ultimate challenge, the ultimate adventure.

MIS0002 Kopie

Being one with the machine, that is the target. Being connected with the machine, feeling all the bumps of the road, feeling every movement, feeling the power of acceleration…..

MIS9952 Kopie

The drivers office, the cockpit should fit perfect like a tailored suit, tight but not too tight. I think that it must be a satisfying feeling when you step in and the seatbelts where fixed and you be part of the machine, the most important part and you are the one to make the decisions: accelerate and brake, leading the car through the bends of the track, nearly on the edge at the line between staying on the road or not.

MIS1777 Kopie

Form follows function – the claim of the German Bauhaus in the 1920’s – at the design of a race car cockpit this is the master goal. No comfort, nothing useless like a radio or a speedometer, nothing else – only the things you will need when you drive as fast as possible.

MIS1854 Kopie

The look and the design of the early form of the driver’s office which are pictured here is fascinating. Everything seems to be a the right place, everything seems to be build easily and straight. Nothing distract, there is nothing too much or over the top. I like this rare design, only what you need – noting else. Fasten your seatbelts, start the engine and have fun in your office.

week by week by ralph lueker 013

No regrets, no fear.

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