The CB Driving Goggles By Connolly

Connolly has been in collaboration with the same British maker of driving goggles since the inception of Connolly the mews in 1996, with the iconic photographer Jeanloup Sieff capturing their essence. Handcrafted from the softest nappa leather sourced from the finest suppliers, the goggles are meticulously hand-stitched onto solid brass frames, a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of a second-generation family business in England.

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The first comment often heard from new customers upon seeing a pair of driving goggles on display is, “Ah, lovely, but they’re not really sold here, are they?” Contrary to common belief, Connolly does offer these goggles, with quite a number being sold. A distinctive feature has been introduced with tinted driving goggles, equipped with an adjustable elastic strap and tinted polycarbonate lenses officially approved for driving.

Regardless of the color of nappa or tint of the lenses, Connolly goggles remain a firm favorite, ideal for leisurely drives down country lanes in a classic convertible or navigating busy streets on a bicycle.

Each pair of Connolly goggles is presented in a bespoke red and black box, crafted by the in-house design team. The packaging pays homage to illustrious motoring history and proudly bears the Connolly logo, becoming a classic in its own right.


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