Test Drive: The New Huracan Evo Coupe

Our year end highlight had been the test drive of the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Coupe at the new showroom of Moll Sportwagen GmbH in Düsseldorf – driving this extreme coloured and wonderfully aggressive sportscar in sports – or racing mode on the german Autobahn at 9.00 am on a beautiful sunny morning is like landing in sportscar heaven – the brutal sound of this fast machine from Sant Agatha Bolognese makes you smile and grin all day – the Huracan convinced us with excellent handling , high quality in detail and sheer driving pleasure. 

IMG 20191205 WA0001

The dealership is designed in the new sporty-elegant Lamborghini corporate design. The integrated ad personam studio enables the implementation of tailor-made individualisation wishes. The generously dimensioned Lamborghini Düsseldorf room includes a modern customer reception, a boutique for Lamborghini Collezione articles, modern offices and a VIP lounge for a unique customer experience.

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Report by lamborghini.com / collectorscarworld.com

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