Swatch SISTEM51 Hodinkee Summer Edition

Hodinkee is thrilled to announce a new SWATCH SISTEM51 HODINKEE watch, and they think you’ll appreciate the latest source of inspiration: It’s summer! The SWATCH SISTEM51 HODINKEE SUMMER EDITION is a clean and crisp homage to everyone’s favorite season, which takes the overall design of the GENERATION 1986 model they released last fall and switches up the colors for a white-out look.

HxSwatch Summer Wrist3 001

And this time around, Hodinkee created a special companion piece for it: a Flik Flak watch with a complementary color scheme that is perfect for introducing any young child to wearing watches and telling time. It’s a pair of watches fit for the whole family that epitomizes summer spirit, all while remaining in the accessible sweet spot for which Swatch and Flik Flak are known.


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