Surly Crab Beach Home By Eerkesarchitects

Eerkes Architects unveils Surly Crab, a new contemporary beach home on Washington’s Hood Canal. Surrounded by lush forest and designed as the base of his relaxing retreat, this campground couldn’t be better.

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The unique architecture combines bright rooms, tasteful furnishings with a view that will make any envious person pale. The Studio confirms, “The house is partitioned into three structures”, furthermore “The two-story main living area adjacent to the beach is located on the footprint of an old fishing cabin. Further back, the guest wing and primary bedroom wing are elevated and hug the edge of the forest. Glazed hallways connect the structures and open to views both near and far, while transitioning from one part of the home to the other. By separating the program into three structures, the configuration results in a variety of relationships between the architecture and the surrounding landscape.”


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