Stefano Bemer’s Tradizione Collection

The Tradizione Collection summarizes and exemplifies the philosophy behind the choice to even have an offering from “on a size” shoes: it’s everything you can imagine and expect from a bespoke shoe, just made on our RTW lasts. It doesn’t get any better than this.


The Tradizione Collection is mostly offered Made-to-Order with 8-10 weeks delivery time. Can be completely customized to one’s liking, choosing any pattern from the samples that has created but also from the styles of the Classica Collection.


  • Hand-sewn fiddle back shanks sole with metal toe taps.
  • Fully customizable in last, leather, lining.
  • Comes with blue top dark wooden box, individual shoe bags, lasted shoe trees, metal toe taps.
  • Offered Ready-to-Wear, Made-to-Order, Made-to-Measure.


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