Scott Carpenter’s OMEGA Speedmaster

Scott Carpenter’s gold OMEGA Speedmaster. The iconic astronaut, aquanaut, test pilot, and Naval officer. One of the Mercury Seven. An American hero. OMEGA presented this Speedmaster to Malcolm Scott Carpenter and his American astronaut colleagues in 1969 after the successful Apollo 11 mission. And, to make it even better, this watch is preserved in spectacular original and unpolished condition. 

ScottCarpenterspersonalOMEGASpeedmasterReference145.022 69BA

In the world of vintage Speedmasters, those few gold OMEGA Speedmasters issued to American astronauts at a dinner in Houston 1969 have reached the level of iconic and grail status. These gold Speedmasters are at the intersection of important watches and the Space Race and it is no surprise that they have increased in awareness, desirability, and value significantly the last few years.

OMEGA introduced the Speedmaster in 1957, initially created for drivers in automotive racing needing to time their laps. However, the Speedmaster would reach eternal iconic status by eventually being qualified for spaceflight by NASA after an intense testing of several of the highest-grade chronographs of the 1960s. NASA selected the Speedmaster as the exclusive watch for use by its astronauts.

It is with great honor that I present this OMEGA Speedmaster reference 145.022-69 BA for sale. It is truly a remarkable watch, as it was given to American naval officer and astronaut Scott Carpenter for his role in Project Mercury on November 25, 1969, during an event at the Hotel Warwick in Houston. These ‘Tribute to Astronauts” watches were presented by OMEGA during a gala dinner to Scott Carpenter, and 25 additional astronauts (both alive and deceased), as commemorative timepieces for their voyages into space.


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