Rolls-Royce Culinnan Arctic SUV Concept

Arctic expeditions are perhaps one of the coolest and at the same time most terrifying forms of exploration, however, we got these wonderful machines among us called trucks and SUVs with 4 wheel drive, which make it a bit less terrifying. Just a bit. Abimelec Design wanted to do an Arctic exploration SUV inspired by the incredible vehicles the people over at @arctictrucks build, and this is the result. 

Unbenannt 1 17

2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan with a bit more of everything; More lights, more tire, Portal Axles, big wide and tall fenders to accommodate God knows how big of a tire, a bull bar and some more lights. Tried to keep it elegant but not really at the same time. You be the judge. Would you like to see more Arctic trucks?

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Report by Abimelec Design