ROFGO Collection: Lola T70 MK2 Spyder

Welcome to the official ROFGO GULF HERITAGE COLLECTION. We are here to share their collection of cars with those who have a love for racing!

ROFGO Collection: Lola T70 MK2 Spyder

“I began this collection back in 2008 when I bought an ex -works Gulf Ford GT40.  From then, I have developed the collection, which now comprises of 38 stunning cars, all in the iconic Gulf colours.

Few team liveries throughout history have experienced greater world class endurance racing success than Gulf racing’s combination of blue and orange.  During the height of the Gulf -JW Automotive team’s success at the World Sportscar Championship -1968-1969 I became a lifelong fan and this collection has been put together to protect a special heritage” – Roald Goethe

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Lola T70 MK2 Spyder: 1966 – SL70/24



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