RETRO CLASSICS® 2021: New Date In The Summer

Dynamic corona situation necessitates further postponement: The 21st edition of the world’s biggest trade fair for driving culture will now take place in July 2021.

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The international trade fair sector has been particularly badly hit by the corona pandemic in 2020: Since the spring, there have been regular cancellations and postponements, and some of the sector platforms have been put on the Internet at short notice. The dynamic development has now compelled the organisers of RETRO CLASSICS® in Stuttgart to change the date again. The new date for the world’s biggest trade fair for driving culture will now be at the beginning of July 2021 (8 to 11 July 2021).

“The already tense situation has changed dramatically in the past few weeks,” says Andreas Herrmann, Managing Director of RETRO Messen GmbH. “Out of responsibility towards our visitors, exhibitors and employees, with a heavy heart we must once again postpone the date for RETRO CLASSICS®. It’s a commandment of the hour, because the current situation unfortunately leaves no alternative.”

On one weekend at the beginning of July – before the “summer break” and the start of the school holidays in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg – the gates should at last open again for dealers, collectors, enthusiasts and fans of classic cars. This could really be taken literally, because the expected high temperatures will also allow the use of outdoor spaces, unlike in the colder half of the year. It is therefore conceivable that the trade fair could make more use of the open air, and open up more towards the Rothauspark, says Herrmann. “It will also be more attractive to drive to the event with your own classic car, making it a summer excursion with even more leisure value.”

What characterises RETRO CLASSICS® is that “as a coherent but flexible total package, it was always able to react in good time to changing trends and framework conditions, and to some extent to reinvent itself as necessary,” says Herrmann. “I am therefore still firmly convinced that the 2021 edition will be a complete success for all involved – and perhaps even a very special “summer Retro” which will long remain a fond memory.”

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