Profile: RMD

RMD was founded in 2004 by historic racer and collector Marc Devis. RMD has been active in the buying and selling of classic cars for the last 15 years whereby our focus and specialty has evolved towards classic race cars for today’s historic rallying and racing. They have been collecting, racing and rallying ourselves all over the world and they continue to do so with pleasure, professionalism and pride. After all, RMD firmly believes that these wonderful cars need to be driven for full enjoyment!

Profile: RMD

Given their active involvement in the classic car market, RMD is uniquely positioned to offer objective advice to their clients about which car(s) to buy and/or sell, the eligibility of specific cars for certain events as well as race regulations and car conformity requirements.

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Private Sales & Sourcing
If you want to source or sell a car discretely, RMD will gladly act as your agent throughout this process while keeping your confidentiality upfront. Over the years, they have build up an extensive list of contacts and (race/rally) afficionados around the world.

They operate by charging their clients a competitive and open-book fee/commission. This fee or commission is agreed upon upfront and they will stick by it. RMD only works for one party, their client and they do not “double dip”. The actual transaction (invoice/payment/bill of sale) is done directly by you whereby they will prepare the formalities and act solely as your agent.

RMD will actively promote the cars for which they have received a public (versus private/discrete) sale mandate. This promotion consists of print advertising in the leading magazines as well as online advertising and promotion on their web-site.

RMD is located in Schoten, just north of Antwerp (Belgium) and can be reached conveniently by air (Brussels Int’l airport), train (Antwerp Central Station) or car.

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