Profile: Porsche 356 SL

The “SL” in the Porsche 356 SL stands for “super light”, and is a reference to the Iightweight aluminium body of the racing car. At Le Mans 1951, a type 356 SL secures the first ever-class victory for Porsche, and the model also finds sucess at long distance rallies such as the Lüttich-Rom-Lüttich.

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The 356 SL continues to represent the plant as a racing car for many years. In addition to the plant drivers such as Herbert Linge, the car is also driven by Gilberte Thirion, known as the fastest woman in Europe in the 1950s.

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Model year: 1950 / Engine: 4-Zylinder Boxer  / Displacement: 1086 ccm / Power Output: 34 kW

Report by Porsche Museum
Photos by Rainer Selzer

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