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At Mule Motorcycles, building custom bikes isn’t just a job – it’s a lifelong passion. Founded by a motorcycle enthusiast who got his first bike at 16 and has been modifying bikes ever since, Mule Motorcycles has a rich history of transforming ordinary motorcycles into extraordinary machines.

The journey began with a love for motorcycles and a knack for modification. From working in motorcycle shops to mastering complex tasks in the aerospace industry, the founder’s expertise grew, leading to the birth of Mule Motorcycles in 1994. A friend’s request to modify a Sportster sparked a chain reaction of demand and acclaim, and soon, the custom bike orders started rolling in. Today, Mule Motorcycles continues to deliver high-quality, bespoke motorcycles to passionate riders.

Form Meets Function
At Mule Motorcycles, the philosophy is simple: form follows function. Every custom part is designed with organic curves and strength in mind, ensuring that each bike is not only visually stunning but also performs at its peak. Just like a Formula One car or a MotoGP bike, the goal is to achieve the perfect blend of aerodynamics, lightweight design, and powerful performance. The result is a motorcycle that looks as good as it rides – a true testament to engineering and design excellence.

Simplicity and Performance
Mule Motorcycles specializes in creating bikes that are both simple and high-performing. The focus is on air-cooled, carbureted platforms that offer fewer digital constraints and more room for creative modifications. Triumphs from 2001 to 2007 are a favorite, providing a perfect canvas for customization with their abundance of available parts and potential for improvement.

The Art of Customization
What sets Mule Motorcycles apart is the attention to detail. From custom brackets to carefully relocated components, every aspect of a Mule motorcycle is meticulously crafted. It’s not about stripping a bike down to its bare bones; it’s about refining and enhancing every element to achieve the coolest, cleanest setup possible. Simplicity, after all, is the ultimate sophistication.

Join the Mule Motorcycles Legacy
Whether you’re looking to improve handling, increase power, or reduce weight, Mule Motorcycles can transform your bike into a masterpiece. With a legacy of innovation, craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of motorcycle dynamics, Mule Motorcycles is the go-to destination for custom bike enthusiasts.

Experience the blend of art and engineering. Experience Mule Motorcycles.


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