Porsche Aviation By Jürgen Gassebner

The first book to deal exclusively with the history of the legendary Porsche aircraft engines based on 356 and 911. The result of years of research – written and photographed by Jürgen Gassebner, one of the most renowned specialists in this field. Secure your copy of the limited “First Edition” right here in the shop.

The Complete Story Of The Porsche Aircraft Engines

In four detailed chapters on 184 pages, this book brings the history of Porsche aviation engine activities to life. From the first airship engine designed by Prof. Ferdinand Porsche in 1908 to the Austro-Daimler Flugboot and Daimler-Benz bomber engines with up to 3,500 hp, the first aircraft engines based on 356 and finally the legendary PFM 3200.

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The Pinnacle Of Development

Author Jürgen Gassebner devotes himself meticulously to the PFM 3200 Porsche aircraft engine based on the 6-cylinder boxer of the Porsche 911. Intensive discussions with PFM expert Uwe Sauter and Porsche engineering legend Hans Mezger (†2020) formed the basis for this exciting chapter, as did many years of research and his own flying experience with this highlight of the Porsche aircraft engine history.

Jürgen Gassebner

Jürgen Gassebner is one of the most distinguished specialist authors for classic Porsche related topics. His books, most recently on the restoration of Porsche production and racing cars, are considered to be standard works all over the world. As a PPL pilot and owner of the Pützer “Elster”, which operates as a flying ambassador for the Porsche Museum, he is also at home in the aviation scene. Thorough research, expert assessment of the facts and authentic writing characterise his books, which also benefit from the Porsche network he has built up over many years.

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