Persico X Zagato 100.2 Limited Launch Edition

Persico Marine and Zagato Atelier, two Italian companies acclaimed worldwide for excellence in technology and design, have teamed up to create the Persico Zagato 100.2, an innovative hyperboat featuring aesthetic purity of design, Persico Marine technology and revolutionary DeepSpeed electric jet propulsion from the Italian startup Sealence.

PZ100 2 img 04

Introduced today with a video preview at Zagato’s headquarters in Milan, the Persico Zagato 100.2 will be built at the Persico Marine shipyard in Nembro, Bergamo. Just under 8 metres long, the boat will have a main beam of 2.45 metres and thus can also be loaded on a trailer. The PZ 100.2 will be made using the most advanced composite materials and will have a total displacement of only 2,500 kg, including the lithium batteries powering the special DeepSpeed electric propulsion system developed by Sealence.

The boat characteristics – the range, the maximum speed of over 80 km/h and cruising speed of almost 50 km/h – are expected to be at the top of this emerging category of 100% electric powerboats/runabouts for day cruising and commuting in all types of inshore and coastal waters, particularly on lakes, many of which already ban the use of endothermic engines.


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